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Technology transcends all that precedes it. As with the digital sphere, it is ever evolving. Without rhyme or reason perfectly good operating systems are superseded. As your partner we roll with these changes, ensuring the portals we develop have the capability to evolve with the ever-changing technological environment we live in.

Used individually or combined for greater flexibility, it’s ‘ezi’ to launch into your next project with Leonards eziSuite.

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eziAd enables instant, online communication with you and Leonards. All advertising matters are processed here. Advertisements are placed directly across all print and online media. Proofs are checked and approved online. The system generates costings, proofs and instant comprehensive expenditure reporting.

All media is placed through eziAd. You receive one invoice for processing. All advertisement expenditure is approved online before placement. Over 150 councils and 150 other Leonard clients use eziAd.

Pricing: eziAd is supplied without charge where Leonards is placing all your advertising.
To keep pace in the fast changing digital space Leonards developed a demand-side platform (DSP). eziReach provides Leonards a system to buy digital advertising inventory.

A co-venture with eziSuite and Ad Maxim.

Price on application.
Developed by Leonards, eziJob provides a fast, efficient e-recruitment management system which stream-lines and enhances the recruitment process – for both clients and candidates alike. eziJob enables Council/Clients the opportunity to improve their backend systems and provides a high level of candidate management, including screening, automated responses and candidate tracking. eziJob provides tools to strategically position clients by improving their current recruitment techniques and implementing a best practice recruitment convention.
This sophisticated web-based e-Recruitment system eliminates paperwork, speeds the recruitment process and provides major savings on internal time and overheads.

Pricing: $2,500 + GST per annum + $100 per job + GST – capped at 170 jobs per annum. Process based on a typical council’s paperwork. eziAd is bundled in (at no charge) with eziJob.
The Simplicity of WordPress.
The Support of eziSuite.

Leonards take care of domain name registration, hosting,
design and coding. Now launch a mobile and desktop
ready website in hours, not days or weeks.
At a price you will not believe possible.
eziGolive® - Ready straight away! Priced for Value.
eziCareers is a site designed to communicate the benefits of your council, organisation or association to prospective employees. Developed by Leonards the eziCareers plug-in interfaces with eziJob to show your latest positions available for application.

You are able to load photos/video/diagrams onto the site for prospective employees.

Pricing on application.
OCCSA - is a fully functioning OH&S program where all data is kept online.

This has been developed by Leonards OH&S manager in collaboration with our eziSuite developer team. It is very useful in the business context as a prompt and store of OH&S requirements.

Pricing on application.