Our Clients

Incorporating the power of ideas, people, words, voice and imagery, Leonards is your partner in communications leading to the success of your marketing message.

Leonards provides highly specialised industry strategy, targeted audience research and together with tailored technology, Leonards will walk with you through this ever changing media market.

Local Government
As a preferred supplier of advertising and communications services through the LGP Tender process, Leonard’s comprehensive knowledge and experience of Local Government clients extends over ten years.

Leonards provides full advertising and software services to the Economic Development, Tourism, Communications, Human Resources and Procurement Divisions of Councils in NSW.
City of Sydney
Port Stephens
Leonards provides unique and strategic services to recruitment clients. Recruitment is in a massive digital transition and the media landscape changes daily. Leonards develops outstanding graphics, copy, software and media perspectives which enable effective and appealing brand recognition to attract potential employees. Leonards addresses these individual client needs through audience focused strategy and research to deliver targeted campaigns.
Blackadder Associates
Camden Council
Noni B
Tourism & Events
The tourism industry is a major source of income and directly contributes to the economy of each Council’s LGA. Naturally,
strategy, planning research, advertising and communications plays a definitive role in ensuring target market audiences are reached.

With sound knowledge to support strategy, Leonards partners with Council clients to develop exceptional creative, strategic and
cost-effective solutions, tailored to their individual circumstances.
Samoa Tourism Authority
Accommodation Association of Australia
Just Sydney Tours
Intrinsically focused on generating a formative effect on its clientele, this industry group requires sensitive yet dynamic direction.

Through storytelling, discussion and research, Leonards produces balanced and emotive creative to deliver presence and performance.
Real Estate
A fast paced industry group, Leonards Real Estate clients require prominent and consistent visibility. The immediate nature of their business ensures Leonards secures last-minute deals providing substantial financial benefits and prominent exposure.
Cramer Property
Society Lewisham
Soul Surfers Paradise
Leonards Health and Not-For-Profit portfolios are largely varied landscapes. Typically, community-serving organisations offer a lifeline to those in need and in-turn have specific requirements in terms of advertising and communication. Leonards provide eziAd at no cost to our Not-for-Profit clients.
Catholic Healthcare
KU Children's Services
Union, University & Schools Club
Australian Club