Case Study

Transform Penrith

City Centre

Transform Penrith City Centre

Services used in this project:


When you think of your local council, it’s easy to pigeon hole its purpose as purely functional – approving Development Applications, rubbish collection and organising local events. But how does one pitch a council as a strong, united and aspirational brand to investors, business and residents?


Penrith City Council approached Leonards which such a challenge for one of their latest initiatives, Penrith Progression. A collaborative process between council, community and business, Penrith Progression aims to transform the Penrith’s city centre and deliver local jobs for the future.


Leonards went below the surface to produce an in-depth and insightful marketing strategy encapsulating micro and macro environments affecting council, granular audience profiling to identify target markets, industry and competitor analyses and a thorough examination of the media consumption behavior of targeted audiences.

Using Leonards’ Five I’s of Campaign Strategy, a blueprint was created to enable Penrith City Council to market its Penrith Progression initiative B2B and B2C (in this case, ‘C’ representing community). Suggested advertising applications were created and approved benchmarks agreed to give Penrith City Council the confidence to substantiate the return on investment for any campaigns undertaken.