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The sole trader is so often the client needing the most support. Driven by an idea, and a fraction of the competitors’ budget they inspire us all. Throwing down the challenge to the major players, keeps everybody on brief.


Just Sydney Tours (JST) is a bespoke Sydney day tour company. Leonards have been supportive for some years delivering a basic responsive website, well before they became trend. Shooting a video, helping with business strategy and direction. Simple stuff. Until the USA Roadshow with Swain Travel.

Suddenly JST were out of their Sydney comfort zone, bound for the USA with one of the global powerhouses of travel. What to take? There is a bunch of great new tours. How to showcase the brand? What is the brand voice in this new place? Must leave behind memorable stuff. You have 12 working days.


Leonards went to work on a roadshow hero brochure. Iconic cover that would stop traffic. And did!

The global player insisted JST add a more corporate sense to their branding, so they could exhibit together. JST left Sydney with 500 digital 12 page brochures, business cards, comp slips. Plus the brochure sits on Issuu.

Leonards and JST look forward to the future of Sydney day tours. And a lot more besides.
Stay tuned.

(Cover image by Phillip Hayson)

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